Some of the most memorable pieces in my portfolio wouldn’t have been made possible without these fantastic people on the team. They’re not only extremely skilled at what they do, they’re also professional and nice. Nice is important.

Art Directors
Peter Walker
Harry Weber 
Eran Husni
Keon Choo 

Web Designers and Coding
Elite PSD Coding
Little Irrepressible Wonton
Manpreet Seera
Grant Farrelly

Shaun Quek
Vincent Raffray
Sam Harris
Fionn Geaney

Daryl Visscher
Tommy Morris
Lynton Crabb
Dave Wee
Stefen Chow
Guy Lavoipierre
James Vlahogiannis

Katrina Cleary

Typographers and Designers
Sebastian Sarria
Winnie Tan
Susan Hardjono