The Tin Men says Hello!

…with their all-new business cards

Once again, super delighted to have Taylord Press as my print partner. These cards are durable, weighted and textured like tin. The foil silver on silver effect worked out really well and as ever, this triumphant effort will be pretty long lasting.

You might ask: But why business cards in this digital age of smart devices and quick-connectivity? 

My reply is simple. Nothing sets a first impression better than a tangible follow-up to a conversation than a beautiful business card, even if its purpose lasts for a fleeting few minutes. Nothing says “I’m serious about doing business with you” like a card that is not a flimsy, laser printed piece of paper from the nearby quick-print shop. Even more so, a card that is detailed and finished so intricately that presents a human yet high quality presence. So if you have to present someone with a card that spells your brand and your name, do it with substance and style.

…or don’t do it at all.